Single optical path

Single optical path

Single optical path 3d system used chromatic aberration LC device,cooperate excellent resistance to strong light SMC,can sustain 32000Lum strong light,sustain about 500000Lum strong light when match tricolour laser,Present brightness、sharp、no-crosstalk、exact color rendition 3d image for audience.

  • Detail

    16 percent optical efficiency

    Thanks to superb coating technology and LCD technology,it can relialize 16percent optical efficiency.

    1percent crosstalk ratio

    Through precise control of the state of the liquid crystal mdlecules,come true lower crosstalk rate,present ghost-free level 3d image for the audience

    Auto switch 2D/3D

    Support TMS system,no manual switch 2D/3D model,really come true the requirements of unattended the project room,modular design,convenient installation and debugging.

    FAN FREE technology

    The glare resistant coating techonology,The maximum bearing50000Lum strong light exposure,without the fan cooling,avoid dust accumulation.

    No power supply

    Using ultra low power electronic devices to implement without additional power supply design,The power supply by digital playback machine 3D interface,reduce the outside power supply source of possible problems.